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The Puzzle Editor Update

The list of stuff I did for this update

  • Graphical updates to a lot of things (new ship design, title screen rejiggered, celestial objects have had some tweaks, lots of new particle effects, etc).
  • The new Puzzle Editor is way better than the old one (it’s been rebuilt from the ground up and has a ton of new/better features and heaps of QOL changes).
  • Lots of little adjustments to things have been made (like the targeting reticle, ability to lock your engine power so you can aim consistently without changing the power, etc).
  • Camera updates (though, I’m still working on some of the kinks in the camera).
  • New puzzles (I’ve literally redone everything, so even the very basic tutorial levels are a little different).
  • Sounds and music are now properly a thing.
  • Plus a ton of other things I’m forgetting to mention.

By RefresherTowel

I'm a solo indie game developer, based in Innisfail, Australia.

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