Alchementalist Devlog

Alchementalog #5: Fixer Upper

Table of Contents Where We Stand Centering Ourselves A Link in the Chain Where We Stand In the last devlog, we tackled the problem of adding flavour to the map in a way that makes sense. Now, let’s do a little bit of refactoring of some of the previous code to fix up some small […]


Alchementalog #3: Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

So this is just a quick little devlog going over the absence of visible updates for Alchementalist recently (since I’ve been getting a few PM’s over it). A few weeks ago there was an injury in my family and I became a bit of a pack mule, carting people back and forth to appointments and […]

Alchementalog #2: A Song of Stats and Boosts (Part 2)

In A Song of Stats and Boosts (Part 1) we covered the stats part of the system, both in terms of the player and the spells. In Part 2, we’ll be going over Spell Boosts. What are they? How are they implemented? Etc, etc. As I said previously, Spell Boosts were a kind of nebulous […]

Alchementalog #2: A Song of Stats and Boosts (Part 1)

Despite the fact I’ve been doing pretty regular mini updates on Twitter, Reddit and Youtube, I haven’t really written a proper devlog entry for Alchementalist yet (I mean, I’ve kind of done one previously, but that’s it!) So let’s rectify that! In this devlog, I want to talk about the work that’s gone into the […]

Elemental Combination Effects in Alchementalist

Here’s a short video I made showing the different elemental combinations you can make in Alchementalist: I’ve added range upgrades to the spells in order to create bigger “areas” for each effect, and everything is still very much WIP, but the basics are there at least. Now that I’ve got all the base combinations in […]

Alchementalog #1: Paying Attention to Detail

I’ve been doing a lot of work recently on enemies in Alchementalist. I want to get the game into a state where I can really test different mechanics out and see how the emergent gameplay works, and that means populating the world with a bunch of bad dudes intent on making your life as a […]

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