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Spaceslingers is 60% off on Steam!

Pit yourself against the toughest delivery routes the universe has to offer! Challenge the leaderboard competition by showing your skill in over 50 deliveries! Die horrible deaths inside of black holes! Use wormholes to travel through space in the blink of an eye! Blow yourself up on asteroids with wild abandon! All this for only […]


‘Spaceslingers’ is the trajectory game for puzzle-loving space fans — Review

The awesome Elizabeth Howell (@howellspace) recently wrote a review for Spaceslingers at Here’s a snippet: …In a way, “Spaceslingers” teaches us a subtle lesson about the real world of spaceflight. In the early 1960s, launching rockets was something we struggled to achieve, and even today the possibility of rocket failure makes us feel tense […]

Spaceslingers Launched on and GameJolt

I’ve just launched Spaceslingers on both the and GameJolt platforms! It took me quite awhile to gut the Steamworks integration out of the game and build my own online leaderboard for the platforms, but it’s done (well, it was done a little while ago, but I’ve been super busy and haven’t had time to […]

Spaceslingers Launch Announcement

A love of physics, hypothetical ideas from scientists, and gaming all collide with the launch of Spaceslingers today (17th November, 2020) on Steam. Created by solo developer RefresherTowel, Spaceslingers is a space-time bending interstellar ride requiring careful use of gravity and time dilation to navigate through interstellar hazards and land on a target planet, delivering […]

Spaceslingers Launch Date Set: 17th November, 2020 PST

Created by the solo developer, RefresherTowel, Spaceslingers has had its release date set to November 17th, 2020 PST. Make sure to wishlist the game so you don’t miss the launch! And read up on news you’ve missed and see future developments by following @spaceslingers. Watch the trailer here! Spaceslingers is a mind-bending gravity-based game where […]

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