Spaceslingers Devlog

Recounting A Successful Failure (The Spaceslingers Post-Mortem)

This is the part two of my original post A Pre-Post Mortem About Marketing, if you haven’t read that, I highly recommend you do so as I won’t be covering the same material here and a lot of people found the original post helpful. So what does a successful failure look like? Well, first, let’s […]


Spaceslingers Launched on and GameJolt

I’ve just launched Spaceslingers on both the and GameJolt platforms! It took me quite awhile to gut the Steamworks integration out of the game and build my own online leaderboard for the platforms, but it’s done (well, it was done a little while ago, but I’ve been super busy and haven’t had time to […]

Creating A Delivery

I’ve made a full video of me creating a level: As I said in the description of the video, I think creating a delivery is quite an interesting problem. You can’t really plan for it, or if you do (which involves some pretty complicated transformations being done inside your head), you absolutely cannot deviate from […]

Setting A Launch Date (And Soon!)

Well…I guess I should’ve been advertising this before now, but I wasn’t 100% sure I’d be able to get past the finish line in time. Now that I’m only 90% sure I won’t, I guess the time has come. Launch has been set for 17th of November, 2020 PST (that’s 18th of November, 2020 in […]

When Windows Breaks Itself…

So I guess it’s time for one of my irregular devlog updates. But this one involves a long tale of woe and tragedy, so settle in! The October windows update…It broke my PC. I’m still not entirely sure what the root cause was, but I feel like it had something to with the USB drivers. […]

New Update to the Demo!

Been working my little fingers to the bone to get this update out before the Steam Autumn Festival started, but I didn’t quite get there in time! Regardless it’s a pretty substantial update to the behind the scenes stuff. The delivery selection screen has become a lot juicier and most of the spaghetti code I […]

Launching a Steam Page

Well, after making the trailer and getting some feedback on it, I’ve launched my Steam page. Probably a solid 2 weeks worth of work purely devoted to getting everything up and running with that. It’s a nerve-wracking kinda thing, as we all know that something like 90% of games (especially indie games) make basically no […]

The Making of a Trailer

A little while ago I decided that I’m going to be putting this game on Steam when I’m done. A couple of reasons for this: I think it’s a pretty neat little puzzle game and I’ve put a lot of work into it, especially graphically, which is a rarity for me. It’s a good dry […]

Creating Nebulae

Not much fanfare for this update, just a million little tweaks that collectively make it more of a game than it was previously. Options menu works properly now, with the only thing that’s not functional being the resolution changes. I still want to add a v-sync option, but I forgot to do it when I […]

The Puzzle Editor Update

The list of stuff I did for this update Graphical updates to a lot of things (new ship design, title screen rejiggered, celestial objects have had some tweaks, lots of new particle effects, etc). The new Puzzle Editor is way better than the old one (it’s been rebuilt from the ground up and has a […]

First devlog

Like pretty much everyone else on the planet, I’ve been getting bored being stuck inside. I took a break from my other projects to create this fun little puzzle/physics game. The physics is coded from scratch, which was…interesting. It’s mostly done, just polish, a few bug fixes/optimisations, some more puzzles and it’ll be completed.

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