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Based in Innisfail, Australia

Release Date:

17th, November 2020 PST




VoxPop Games

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$7.99 US


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Spaceslingers is a fun and mind-bending sci-fi gravity-based game, where the only obstacles between you and your goal are the most powerful celestial objects in the known universe!

Spamazon, the local intergalactic delivery company, has hired you to service the Core Quadrant, which has been in sore need of deliveries since the last person doing them was spaghettified in the bowels of a black hole. You’ll take on a huge variety of gravity-based puzzles, facing death, destruction, and insanity around every corner, on your quest to become the universe’s ultimate deliverer. Plan your paths by thinking about the gravitational potential of each object on your route and figure out the perfect angle and power to launch with so that you will make it to your target planet in one piece.

With tons of deliveries waiting to go, you’ll need all your wits and nerves of steel to come out the other side alive. Remember, interplanetary delivery is a hard job, but someone’s got to do it!

Key Features

  • PLAY: Challenge yourself with a multitude of unique and difficult deliveries to make!
  • AVOID: Many celestial hazards fill your path with death and destruction!
  • MASTER: Learn to warp spacetime by flying close to exotic objects, lowering your delivery times!
  • COMPETE: Perfect your route for each delivery to climb the leaderboard rankings and crown yourself the best interstellar deliverer!
  • BUILD: In-built delivery editor allows you to build your own deliveries for others to try!


Spaceslingers was started during the COVID-19 crisis, as a way to relieve stress. Initial prototyping and development was aimed at a small-scale free release with a quick development turnover, but once the project was revealed on a game development forum, it quickly garnered enough support to convince me it was probably worth devoting more time to than I initially planned. Steam was chosen for the main platform release, with, GameJolt and a new game platform, VoxPop Games, also subsequently targeted for release (although release on those platforms is aimed at a later date than the Steam launch date). Since then, both progress on and support for the game has steadily increased. This is my first commercial release and my first release targeting Steam.



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RefresherTowel Games is me, RefresherTowel. I’m a solo indie game developer based in Innisfail, Australia. I strive to create interesting and unique experiences for players to enjoy, hopefully with an unnoticed dash of learning injected into it. Visit my site at